Frazer Merrick
Composer - Sound Designer





Composer, Sound Designer and all round noise maker - I’m a sound artist who works across films, video games and interactive art installations. Before graduating with a first-class honours in Music Technology (Huddersfield University, 2012) I worked for acclaimed composer and performer Nitin Sawhney on his score BBC Human Planet. Since, my work has been shown at film festivals around the world, including Cannes (Bunny, 2015), I've created a chest thumping sub-bass installation with recordings I made at Colchester Zoo (Elephant in The Room, 2016) and setup Teaboy Games, a games design studio focused on beautifully unique mobile games.

If you need audio for your artistic or commercial project, then I can help. I enjoy exploring sound and creating bespoke compositions for every comission, no matter how big or small. I strive to make every project my best piece of work.

Current Projects:

Hollywood Boulevard, Dir. Ross Birks - Composer (Feature Film)

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